Thursday, June 27, 2013

Team TNT re-joins the Appalachian Trail!

1019 MILES!! I major milestone and the almost 'half-way' point of the entire Appalachian Trail. Even though Socks has been 'absent' physically from the trail.... we've done it together!

As we run around the house packing up last minute things, cleaning out the fridge and making notes, we are both thrilled beyond belief at the thought of leaving in the morning! After spending a marvelous week, packing in time with family and friends, we will return to Harper's Ferry, WV tomorrow and again starting hiking as a full TEAM on Saturday!

I'll admit, I'm pretty nervous, as surgery was JUST 8 weeks ago. I'm stiff. It still hurts, but I don't think I can be any more ready mentally. It's the physical that will really challenge me! Thankfully, the terrain after coming out of Harper's is much tamer than previous stuff! As I sat here 

at this picnic table, near Cheoah Bald, not quite understanding the extent of my injury, I had no idea what lay in store for me over the next couple months. Living alone at home, surgery, recovery, physical therapy and a trip back to the trail to pick up Dreamer! All these tribulations have only prepared me for the reality of coming back to the trail.

We've learned so much about ourselves, our relationship and exactly what we can do if we put our mind to it.... lots of lessons learned up to this 'half-way' point. We'll be sharing our hearts as we move forward.... 

I want to thank my sweet friend Margaret Ross ( for her support, encouragement and for this adorable 'inspiration' bracelet she custom made for me, just for the trail. It has an angel on it and two other 'charms' that say, Perserverance and Determination.

I think that pretty much sums it up.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Team TNT again reunited!! This time for GOOD!! NEW VIDEOS!!

With some great sadness, I wrapped up my recovery time at Wood's Hole Hostel yesterday (www.woodsholehostel,com)  and joined Dreamer and Charlie up the trail at Front Royal, WV as they exited Shenandoah National Park!! I had a fabulous time at Wood's Hole and can't highly recommended it enough. The sweet spirit of Miss Neville and Michael will cause your spirit to pause and say... "Aaahhhhh." The lively animals and the bustling atmosphere of hikers passing through will make your stay entertaining as well. And the food goes without saying, it's the best organic "home-cookin" on the entire AT!!
Wood's Hole Hostel, Pearisburg, VA

A small part of the animal menagerie at Wood's Hole!

Neville and I had such a fun time together. We are very much 'kindred' spirits....

But, I'm lonesome for the man of my Dreams and I'm willing to fight through some 'on the job' training on the trail, so we're packing up when we hit Harper's Ferry and heading back to Michigan to grab my gear, spend some quick time with friends and family and head back to the trail for the second half!!

After an almost three hour drive, I was again greeted by the 'male' part of Team TNT as they walked out of Shenandoah National Park, where they have been hiking through, while I was recouperating at Wood's Hole. Charlie was so glad to see me as well as Dreamer.

He's promised we WILL NOT be separated again.... we just don't do well apart, so, no matter what, we'll stick to this promise. If for any reason, I can't continue due to the knee or whatever, we will stop hiking together. BUT, for those of you who know me very well, know that I am one pretty determined lady. I don't take no for an answer and live by the motto my Dad taught me.... "I can do anything I put my mind to." I have endured incredible physical pain on this trip already and I have lived through the death of a child, so I figure I've much been dealt the worst blows possible in life, physically and emotionally. I will resume hiking at Harper's Ferry with Dreamer and Charlie and will give it my all. Of course, we'll have to start a bit slower than the 20+ miles a day that Chuck and Tom are currently doing, but it shouldn't take long to have my hiking legs back beneath me. I want nothing more than to be part of this trail community again! I want nothing more than to be with the love of my life, all day, every day.

I hope you'll continue to watch this journey unfold as we make our way into the second half of the trip! It's difficult to comprehend that it's almost half way over already! In just a couple days, we'll have our pictures taken at the half way point, at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy in Harper's Ferry, MD. THEN, will be quickly driving back to Michigan to re-unite with family and friends for a week. For those of you who are local to Michigan, we'll be hosting an open house event on Sunday, June 23rd to touch base with friends before launching into the second 1200 miles of the trip, when we doubt that we'll be making any further trips home. So, if you're in the vicinity, stop out or see our Facebook page for details. (

Team TNT is together again and will remain together till the bitter end! We have several new videos up  so you can stay up to date with our journey. Please take some time to watch and be sure to share with friends who you think might be interested in this journey!

We took several days over Memorial Weekend to 'work' some trail magic for many fellow hikers!

And another stretch coming into Waynesboro, VA.... just before going into Shenandoah National Park.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Team TNT experiences the greatest blessing!!!

As you know, if you've been following, I am staying at Wood's Hole Hostel ( while I recover and to be closer to Tom and the trail. Someone who has been following our journey, either on this blog or our Facebook page, (www.facebook/tntonthetrail), called Neville the owner of the hostel and offered to pay for a great portion of my cost to stay here!!! 

I had just returned from my first actual walk/hike facing some sort of incline, and she greeted me with this incredible news!!

                              The pasture that I walked beside today.... Simply beautiful!!

This could not be more of a blessing or encouragement to Team TNT!! I literally cried and held Neville in the driveway. I was literally exhausted from such a short climb and was feeling so overwhelmed at the thought of all the HARD work that will be involved in getting my 'trail legs' back... And this news was just what I needed to propel me forward!! 

So whomever you are.... You are truly a Trail Angel' and have been such a blessing to us!! I wish I could thank you personally, but Neville has claimed absolute secrecy!! Thank you for the bottom of our hearts!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dreamer, Socks and Charlie together again!!

This has been an up and down couple months for Team TNT!! No pun intended!!

Our son Jesse and our nephew, Adam came down to visit Dreamer and hike three days with him, to experience part of the trail and get just a little closer to the dream we've been living for all these months... It was quite a revelation for both Jesse and Adam, to see exactly what Tom and I have been hiking on and what the trail community is all about! Of course, it was quite a treat for Dreamer and Charlie to be together again! What a reunion it was!! It involved lots of jumping and licking on Charlie's part!!

Tom (Dreamer) is at about the 802 mile marker and (Socks), Terri is able to walk 2.5 miles on flat ground and has been through some physical therapy, enabling me to get around without much of a limp and with high hopes of starting to do some limited climbing and some incline hiking in the coming couple weeks!! 

Being separated by 10 hours and 600 miles didn't work very well for us, although, we've learned a lot about ourselves as individuals and as a couple during this time, we thought it better for all of us, if I were in closer proximity to both Tom and the trail, so.....

Charlie and I packed the car full of 'trail magic' and some simple belongings and we headed towards the trail. Snagging Dreamer from the trail at Glasgow, Virginia, we reunited for a couple days, just spending time together, sharing our experiences from the past couple months. 

We reconnected together to the trail doing 'Trail Magic', blessing other hikers on the trail with free food and drinks! Trail Magic is random encounters with fellow hikers, setting up our roadside/trail side table full of COLD drinks, sweets, cookies and all the goodies that hikers are missing from their civilian life. COLD Mountain Dew, peanut and butter sandwiches, chips and all salty crunches known to man, fresh fruit and even pudding cups and cheese sticks! Our first day out, on Memorial weekend, we served 45 hikers!! Many of which Dreamer knew and I was able to meet as well!

Dreamer is looking pretty rustic these days, resembling Grizzly Adams more than Tom Shaver!!

I'm feeling the need to feel closer to the trail and be more physically connected to Tom and the trail, so I will be staying in the vicinity of Dreamer and the trail I have become such a part of.... I am heading to Wood's Hole Hostel near Pearisburg, VA, working at the organic farm and hostel that supports hikers along the trail. I'm thrilled that Michael and Neville want me to come back and spend some time with them. This is my dream home and farm... 

Much like Tom and I started with many years ago in our quest to be self-sufficient... we started with 17 acres, 50+ chickens, goats, sheep, a wood stove and two babies! Now, we're left with the acreage and the dream of living like that again.... I'll get to live our dream life for the next few weeks as I heal and gain strength in my knee, awaiting the time that my feet are again on the path northward.