Thursday, July 18, 2013

Team TNT feeling the HEAT!

As we SLOWLY make our way northward, we are feeling the heat...figuratively and literally. Plagued with these continual blisters has kept us moving slowly, making small miles. THEN, as if we haven't experienced enough 'weather' related issues this season... ( below freezing for all of March, record rainfall for April and May), and now record heat!!

We have been driven OFF the trail due to the persistent blisters and the oppressive heat! Water in Pennsylvania has been skimpy at best, so to jeopardize ourselves and Charlie out there in this heat isn't wise. Our last day hiking, poor Charlie literally was dragging so far behind us, we carried his pack for him. The rocks in Pennsylvania, we knew would be an issue and we really tried to make lite of them with daily 'Rock Updates" from the trail.... But they seriously have almost driven me mentally over the edge. I'm sure it's a combination of the heat, blisters AND the rocks, but I've been close to running off into the woods screaming. What lunacy keeps us out here???

We are seriously asking ourselves that question.... Actually making a list of pro's and con's to keep going. Due to the deadly temps, we've been held up in a hotel room with air conditioning for the past four days. We're going stir crazy, but the heat isn't supposed to break for another couple days. So here we sit. We ARE making plans to head back out Saturday morning, doing some small miles on day one, then bumping it up again. 

I've managed to secure some new hiking shoes here in Carlisle and hopefully, with all the soaking with Epsom salts, loss of a toenail and cooler temps will keep us moving forward. The blisters are now all dried and ready to go again. I just pray that the new 'kickers' will cause less pressure but enough defense against the sharp and HARD rocks!
Part of me REALLY wants to just stop all this craziness and go home to love on our precious grand baby Lydia...

Part of me wants to continue the adventure, spend this time helping Tom to realize this dream and part of me just questions if I'm strong enough mentally and physically. We've learned so much about ourselves and each other and have apparently inspired so many others to consider such a journey...I'd hate to quit early or with the wrong motives.

We prayerfully ask for God's direction, safety and guidance daily... And selfishly ask for you to pray with us. This has been the most difficult undertaking of our lives and we can't do this alone. We have so much support for family and friends back at home and the community of support from those watching our YouTube ( videos and Facebook page, ( 

Somehow we'll find our sanity and make some progress in the next couple weeks or we'll bag this and head home. It's been quite an accomplishment already and we've done more than many will ever venture to do. We've learned how much we LOVE being together... Sweating, working hard, crying and especially laughing. 

We hope you'll continue to follow this as it all works it's way out, hiking or home.

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  1. Quite an accomplishment already is an understatement. Whatever you decide, whatever you end up doing, you two (and the pup) are models for us all. Stay safe. Take care. God bless.

  2. Praying hard! I've been in both extreme heat and extreme cold (frozen hair on a winter trip) and I believe the heat is worse. Hopefully it will cool off some and you can complete the dream. ��

  3. When you reach the lowest Point of the trail at the Bear Mountain, NY Zoo, be sure to take the Geology Trail near the bears. When you get to the end of the very small trail next to the amphitheater the view is so beautiful that you will be glad to have braved the heat and rocks and blisters.

  4. Could you slack pack each day and come off the trail at night until the heat wave breaks? Don's Brother (Mike Stephens) on trail journals has been doing this, Pilgrim has joined him and it is working well.

    Yes, you are in my prayers (every day and every night).

    "So Much More - You are ready to give up. But you have come such a long way. You have gleaned so much wisdom from being true to your path. There is no need to rush ahead, no need to strive mightily. Covering a great distance is of no consequence. All this you know. You know also that the goal of the pilgrimage is not the arrival, but the transformation that comes from being open to the road. Be at peace with what hasn’t come into your life. Be receptive to what may yet be. Let the hard place within you soften and melt into a warm easiness with where you are, who you are, and what you are about. Leave yourself open to that deep wellspring of being. Know that at the bottom of the pit, which you are convinced is little more than an echoing void, lies the source of life itself. Let its grace rise up within you. You are so much more than you know." Austin Repath from Pilgrim Cards

  5. Do what you think is best. I have been so enjoying your adventure with you. I will pray that you can continue to live the dream.


  6. Stay safe and I'm hoping for cooler days for you!

  7. Hi there, really enjoying your videos, very well produced & fascinating.

    But, I had to "try" to give some advice. Heat is oppressive & dangerous. How do I know? I live around Phoenix, AZ & it was 120 degrees in the shade Sat 6/29/13 at 3:51 pm with 30% humidity, brutal.

    Whats even worse if one attempts to hike around here, you don't sweat (or at least you can't tell as it evaporates right away). But this is the silent killer, for the first time in my life after living here 25 years, got heat exhaustion at 94 degrees 2 months ago, doing my daily hike. I got heat stomach cramps & was too dehydrated. My pulse was up, had to sit for 20 minutes in the "shade" drink someone's extra water, & wait till my heart rate monitor showed a reasonable heart rate. You can drink 2 liters in 2 miles, in central AZ. Really, its that dry & hot.

    If I were you, I'd slack pack. Remember, you are dealing with climate change, that is even worse than it was just 10 short years ago. Also, you aren't 20 years old with a body & tissue that regenerates as fast (darn those 20 year olds!!!) Also, I am the same age as you, & yes coming to grips with that issue & have to be more careful now, sigh. However, with age, ;-D comes wisdom!

    Anyway, God bless you, I hope you are able to continue (physically & mentally), & will be watching your videos & reading the blog all the time. You guys are great!! :)

    PS: this is a good link on several articles (consider reading them in order), on how to treat blisters while hiking. Not sure how you guys are managing this, but these are really good articles:

  8. Hang in there! Plenty of water is coming soon as you get further north - especially in New England. The heat and bugs have been tough, so continue to watch it and have bug spray w/you.

    My recommendation is to try and make sure you have really good shoes and change your (wool) socks mid-day while hiking. It'll help keep you feet dry, fresh and allow you to hang your socks on your pack to air them out. I've seen too many hikers that haven't worn good shoes/socks and have wondered about just what condition their feet are in and the long term affects, too.

    My next pair of boots will be Lowa Camino GTX (for what it's worth). Spoken to the engineers at Lowa and these boots are perfect for what's coming in northern New England. Keep on going and good luck to you.

  9. Hey there Team TNT!
    This is Clever Girl, my husband Dumptruck and I met you briefly in Franklin. Then we ran into Tom just north of Daleville and did a video with him. Our buddy told us down the grapevine that the file got corrupted somehow, alas! Regardless it was so fun crossing paths.
    I want you to know that the heat has been hard on all of us hiking, and any true hiker would (and should) respect any decision you make regarding continuing. You are an inspiration no matter what you decide to do.
    The best of luck, and here's hoping the weather is kinder to us soon :)
    Clever Girl

  10. You will never have any idea of how much I have been blessed by your video journal. Also, your deep love and respect for each other was clearly evident and inspiring to us. Thanks for sharing. Team TnT has left a mark on the trail beyond the white blazes - a mark that matters much more. My personal wishes and prayers for your success in your continued pursuit of your dreams.