Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Team TNT reaches the 1/2 way point!! Several times!!

1100 miles is nothing to sniff at, whether by car or plane, or in our case, on FOOT. we've crossed the 1000 mile mark, the arrival at Harper's Ferry, WV....the psychological 'half-way' point and in most recent days, the ACTUAL half-way point near Pine Grove Furnace State Park!! It was a tearful celebration for Dreamer, Socks and Charlie. We arrived just as another hiker friend, Acorn arrived, so we were able to get some pictures of us all together.   

Quite a milestone for this Team! Plagued with all manner of obstacle over the past 1100 miles, from the winter weather, injury, surgery, rehab and the constant mental challenges, rain, blisters and now blistering heat, Team TNT marches on northward, albeit a slower pace than most or we'd like, but continuing to put one foot in front of the other!
We continue to meet small goals set each day, but taking time to rest, enjoy the scenery and even stop to eat a few wild berries along the way. God blesses us each day as we ask for His direction, safety and  wisdom.

Since the Team has reunited, we've passed through the end of West Virginia, Maryland and are now 1/4 the way into Pennsylvania!! Poor Pennsylvania is known for its 'friggin' rocks.... But early on, it hasn't been too bad, but we will be doing daily "Rock Reports", live from the trail to keep everyone updated on our progress through one of the most difficult states. We'll encounter everything from pea sized gravel on the trail, to house sized boulders we'll have to scale. Watch Facebook for updates!

We're adjusting to being together again and finding our routine,, but trail life continues to be good. We're thrilled with the simple things, ga-ga over things like a road side stand, ice cream and each other! Neither of us would rather be anywhere else. Don't get me wrong.... This is way more of a mental challenge than either of us ever considered. We thought the physical part would be the most difficult and it is, but mentally keeping it going is a daily battle. We ask for prayer support that regard; that we would mentally be strong and able to keep up a pace that would enable us to finish in time.

We are so thankful for this time together, taking this break from 'real' life and for our family and friends, old and new who are supporting us on this journey. We receive daily comments and encouragement notes on our Facebook and You-Tube sites and we are thankful. Over 30,000 people have visited our blog and over 1000 people a week are watching our videos. We are humbled.

New video coming as we speak.... Zero days are video days. Tom has been busy working on producing two new videos that will upload later today. I work on laundry, repacking and organizing the next food boxes and mail drops. 

Thank you again for your support and please keep following! Your encouragement and notes are the fuel that keeps us going. Several have asked about how to send things to us. We would love that, but please keep in mind: we can only carry so much. We have chosen to travel light and endure when we come to towns. But, notes of encouragement, homemade cookies, treats  and the like would be most welcome anytime we zero. 
So, our next location for pick up will be Duncannon, PA. Any packages/ envelopes can be sent to: 
Tom and Terri Shaver
c/o General Delivery 
US Post Office
Duncannon, PA 17020
**PLEASE HOLD FOR AT THRU HIKER (must appear on package)
We are expected there by July 13th.

Next drop will be:
Tom and Terri Shaver
c/o Day's Inn
Any packages must arrive by July 18th.

We are profoundly touched and grateful for your support and treats!!!


  1. Keep it Rocking! Glad you have the time together!

  2. Congrats on reaching the halfway point! My 21 year old son, Will, and 18 year old daughter, Mary, are a few weeks behind you, in Shenandoah. Their pace hasn't been what they were hoping for, either, but they keep chugging along, right now fighting with that endless tunnel of green in Virginia. I have enjoyed reading your blog and watching your videos, you give quite a bit more description than my daughter does on her blog. I have been able to see things thru you before my kids get there, I have even been able to tell them to look for a few things and given them some background! Thanks! May you continue to feel God's presence along the way... You are certainly able to see so many of His glorious creations!


  3. In all your spare time, you can find my daughter's blog at

  4. Your videos are great productions. Very well done. I appreciate how you show the "real" trail life. My favorites are when you show fixing your food on the trail. Don't know why but it's something I've been curious about as to what people eat on the trail.

    Don't underestimate your Christian witness on the trail and in your posts. I appreciate it.